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Managing Empty Nest Anxiety: When You're Feeling Everything from Sadness to Anticipation

I’m sitting at my kitchen counter writing this to you.

My house is pin-drop quiet.

It’s mostly clean.

If you had told me that this would feel weird and that I’d have to get used to it when my kids were younger, I’d have called you crazy.

But here I am.

My kids are growing up and I’m getting closer to this being my full-time reality.

I thought it would feel free and fun but instead,

it’s a mix of sadness and anticipation.

Last week I asked for podcast requests and you came through!

One of the requests was for an episode on Empty Nest Anxiety and,

since I’m in that phase of life too, it was an easy request to grant.

Episode 61 is all about Managing Empty Nest Anxiety and having all the emotions from sadness to anticipation.

Empty nest anxiety is a common challenge for parents.

It can have you flip-flopping between feeling

sad, lonely, and anxious about what happens next,

to feeling guilty for being excited to have time to do whatever you want.

The truth is, you raised your kids to be great adults,

and you have to let them go do that.

Even when it’s hard and scary.

You might think ignoring how you feel will help.

Maybe you put on a brave face and pretend everything is fine,

even though it feels like your heart is in your stomach.

That might get you through the small talk at church or their last game,

but in the end, it makes you more anxious

and you lose out on the growth you get to experience.

This is one of those feel-it-to-heal-it times.

I know it doesn’t feel good right now,

but I also know that when you lean into those heavy feelings,

there is a lot of love, excitement, and peace underneath.

I can help you find those feelings when we work together.

  • You’ll be supported as you go through the ups and downs

of a quiet house and an open calendar.

  • You'll discover new passions, interests, and opportunities

so you love this new phase of life.

  • Coaching can help you rekindle your relationship with your partner

and create strong and fun connections with your adult kids.

You and I have the opportunity to thrive during this transition.

We’ll talk about what you fear,

what you want your life to look like, and

come up with a plan to get you started.

Cheering for you,


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