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A Little Bit About Me

Succulent Plant and Binder Clips

I help women with big dreams and big anxiety destress and get calm so they can have more confidence and energy to do what they want.


When you are anxious and stressed out, your brain can't think.


You do your best to make it through the day

but by the time you get a chance to sit down and relax,

 you're spent. 

Always doing more to be sure you're liked, right, and comfortable,

but always repeating the same nasty thoughts that only make you more anxious.

I can teach you how to calm your body,

and listen to the feeling of anxiety so you know

exactly what keeps you stressed and anxious.


Through coaching, you'll find the thoughts and habits keeping you stuck,

learn to love and trust yourself, and

have a lot more fun!

How Is This Different?

Support. Accountability. A system that digs deep.

Talk to you soon!

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