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A Little Bit About Me

Succulent Plant and Binder Clips

I help ambitious women destress and manage anxiety so they can have more time and energy to do what they want.


I spent decades living with disorders anxiety,  often pretending I felt fine and that nothing was wrong. I struggled through school, work, and social situations that brought me to my knees as soon as I was alone. I know first hand how it feels to live with stress and anxiety always tagging along for the ride, just wishing I could feel normal. (Whatever the heck that was!) 


I use my personal experience with anxiety to help women like you. By providing the right support, the right system, and the accountability, I'll help you stop feeling overwhelmed by expectations, guilty for wanting more out of life, and to create the confidence and calm you deserve.


How Is This Different?

Support. Accountability. A system that digs deep.

When you are anxious and stressed out, your brain can't think.


You do your best to make it through the day

but by the time you get a chance to sit down and relax,

 you're  spent. 

Always doing more to be sure you're liked, right, and comfortable.

I can help you calm your body,

and listen to anxiety so you learn the truth about why you are stressed and anxious.

We'll find new ways of thinking, being, and having fun.

Talk to you soon!

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