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Limiting Beliefs

I'm sharing this in the first week of August, 2023.

How is the new month treating you?

What happens in August, begins with what you believe,

and a belief is just a thought you think on repeat.

Let me tell you a story.

I’m coaching a brilliant, creative woman right now

who believed she was too unfocused, not good enough, and

a failure.

Everywhere she looked, she saw herself as a scattered unfocused mess.

The voice in her head repeated things like,

“You’re a quitter.”

“You’re not as good as she is.”

“You can’t stay focused or get anything done.”

That’s what she believed, so that’s what she experienced.

In July, she ran a successful theater camp for kids.

Not only did she run the camp,

She made the set and the costumes,

She organized snacks and crafts,

She casted, choreographed, and nailed the production!

So, how did she do all of that?

She and I have been working on her self talk and

calming her nervous system.

She has been telling herself the truth about who she is and who she wants to be.

We do this by talking each week about what is going well for her

and what is coming up that makes her feel anxious,

guilty, overwhelmed, and small.

Through coaching, she is challenging her limiting beliefs and

changing them.

She is already seeing the results and the proof is in the play she just

knocked out of the park!

The thoughts you think about yourself,

What you can do,

What is going on in your life,

What other people or even the entire world,

Determine how you feel about your life, and what you experience.

Some thoughts make you feel like Wonder Woman.

Others make you feel powerless.

The good news is, you choose your beliefs.

If you don’t like what you think about yourself or your life,

choose new thoughts.

I can help you learn how to see how incredible you are

and love yourself and your life so much more too.

Schedule a consultation call and let’s find the beliefs you have

that are keeping you anxious and stuck.

You are amazing.

Make sure you own it.

<3 Megan

P.S. Your life beyond stress and anxiety begins with a decision. Decide now to change how you think about how you feel and anxiety loses its power. The question isn't, “Am I ready?” The question is, “Have I decided to be ready?” Ready is just one decision away. Talk to you soon.

P.P.S. Be sure to check out Episode 47 of the More than Anxiety Podcast to hear more about Limiting Beliefs and Anxiety wherever you listen. While you’re there, take a quick minute to leave a review and follow so you don’t miss a beat and help others find the podcast as well. Thanks!

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