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Good morning, Sunshine!

Are you a morning person? Time and time again we hear about terrible mornings. That sluggish, exhausted, half-rested feeling that requires multiple slaps of the snooze button and two pots of coffee to even utter our first word. We have created t-shirt and coffee mugs to glorify the feeling and admittedly, I have those mornings too. We all do; but, is that really what we want? Wouldn't it be nice to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to kill the day with your awesomeness? You can do it by making a few simple changes to your routine. If you have followed along over the past five days on my facebook or Instagram feeds, these suggestions will be familiar to you. If not, welcome to the Good Morning Club.


Before your feet hit the floor, take a minute to breathe. The mere fact that you can take in oxygen, open your eyes and that your heart kept beating while you slept is a miracle. You're alive! You likely have a home or at least a way to read this. Do you have food? A bed? A pet? A partner? Kids? A floor to sweep? So much of what we have is taken for granted. Take stock of what you have. Be grateful!

The simple act of noticing and thanking God or Allah or the Universe for what we have been given raises our frequency and promotes more positive feelings. Since like attracts like, we bring more positivity and more joy to our day and our lives by simply being thankful for the small things in life every single day. Do you want a real challenge? The next time you're wiping up the spilled glass of milk, be grateful for the opportunity. You have milk, a glass, a floor to clean, the ability to bend down and clean it! You can do it and it won't only be your mornings that change with this small act of gratitude.


If you wait to be up and around, and for the feeling of thirst to sink it, you're too late. Dragging yourself to the coffee pot is a morning routine for me and I have a definite love of coffee that anyone who knows me can attest to. However, I also keep a water bottle beside my bed and carry it alongside my coffee cup all day long. Skipping the water in the morning keeps your brain foggy and your body sluggish; two big symptoms of dehydration along with many other physical and mental symptoms. Drinking a glass of water when you get out of bed rehydrates your body after a long night of brain downloading and cellular repair work. Whether you feel it or not, you are thirsty.

Drink that water! Add a slice of lemon or make your own special water recipe to jazz it up if you're not a fan of the taste.


It sounds so cliche, doesn't it? Can't you just hear your mom telling you that you can't go to school without a healthy breakfast? Mom was right. Your body needs a balanced breakfast to kickstart your metabolism. Shoot for protein, carbs and a healthy fat to get your energy up and your blood sugar ready to roll through work or school. You'll notice that your concentration improves, your mood improves, and likely so will your appetite. Take that increased appetite as a sign that you're on the right track! Your body needs food and once you find the right combination for your body and you are feeding it what makes it thrive, your whole life changes! For more information on how to find those foods, book your breakthrough session and get started making changes.


You're grateful for legs that move, aren't you? You're grateful for the water beside your bed and the breakfast waiting for you in the kitchen. Its time to ad some movement to your life. Remember when you were little and all you wanted to do was run and play? That kid is still in there somewhere! Find the kid in you and let it out. Whether you love to dance, skip, run, walk, do Tai Chi or Yoga, move your body. You don't have to jump out of bed and run ten miles but if that's your jam, do it! Small steps make big changes so if you're new to exercise, start small. It won't be long before you notice that your energy is up, your body isn't as tense or sore, and your mood is better. Schedule this time into your morning. (A little something about me, I dance while I brush my teeth. It all counts.)


I'm one of those people who, when I make a list, I add things to the list as I do extra stuff just so I can cross it off and accomplish even more with proof. Become a list maker. End your day with a short list of what you need to accomplish the next day so you have direction. Not only will you get more accomplished but you'll sleep better and stress less. This is also a great tactic to use with your kids I bet some of you have already used it with them. Make a list of morning routines to get them up and around for school with less fuss. If they don't already have a list, you can start this new habit with them. All it takes is a notepad or a whiteboard and you're ready for the day.

So while you may not be able to rewire that night owl trait that you were born with, you can make mornings, and your day, more productive, more energetic and be a happier and healthier YOU with only a few small changes.

I would love to know if you have tried these techniques so please leave me a comment to share your stories or offer other ideas that you use.

If you are ready to tackle your energy head on, you can purchase your coaching sessions here and be rocking a new you in 90 days!

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