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Creating a Balanced Life

Sometimes, life can feel really busy and out of control. You might focus too much on one part of your life, like work, and forget about other important parts of life. When this happens, you start to feel stressed and anxious. In this post (and in Episode 48 of my podcast), I'm going to talk about how to find balance in your life so you feel less stressed and anxious and have time for more relaxation and fun.

Picture this: You're juggling work, family, and maybe even school. It's like spinning plates in a circus! When you put too much focus on just one thing, like work, it can leave you feeling super stressed. And when stress shows up, its friend anxiety usually isn't far behind. This can sneak up on you quickly and before you know it, you're exhausted, overwhelmed, and on edge. You might now know how you ended up slipping from loving your life to feeling anxious but often it comes from the best intentions of doing a great job at work, of being a great mom, or serving others. Those are all great things... until things get lopsided.

Imagine your life as a bicycle wheel with different parts: work, family, fun, health, and more. If work is taking up all your time, it might mean less time for family or relaxing. Balance means giving attention to all these areas, so your life wheel can spin smoothly. I have a tool called the Wheel of Life to help you see which parts need a little more love.

When you spread your energy evenly among work, family, relaxation, and health, you start to feel better. For instance, if you're always at the office or you bring work home almost every night, your life at home with your family and friends suffers. Your wheel is lopsided and it might be time to take a step back. Balancing your life can help you feel happier and more at ease by showing you where you need a boost or a cut.

Like most coaches, I use the wheel to help you see what is going well in your life and what could use a little more attention. When you're on a consultation call with me, I'll ask you questions that help you understand why you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious so you can make a plan that will help you balance your life so you have more time to be creative, to relax, and to enjoy life - and yes, still work too.

If work is stealing all your time and leaving you stressed, you have the power to change that. Schedule your consultation call with me and let's work together to create balance and peace in your life.

P.S. Your life beyond stress and anxiety begins with a decision. Decide now to change how you think about how you feel and anxiety loses its power. The question isn't, “Am I ready?” The question is, “Have I decided to be ready?” Ready is just one decision away. Talk to you soon.

P.P.S. Be sure to check out Episode 48 of the More than Anxiety Podcast to hear more about Creating Balance wherever you listen. While you’re there, take a quick minute to leave a review and follow so you don’t miss a beat and help others find the podcast as well. Thanks!

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