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Anxiety makes you feel annoying or like a burden. Reassurance doesn't help. This will.

Hey there *|FNAME|*.

I recently had two conversations that went like this.

Both people felt like they were annoying the people they relied on for support.

They also thought they needed those people to feel less anxious.

It’s a catch-22.

You think you need the support to feel less anxious,

But when you ask for support you feel annoying,

And you feel more anxious.

You might try taking deep breaths

or focusing on anything other than asking again, but

the more you try to NOT think about anxiety,

the more anxious you feel,

until you ask again.

Breathing and focusing on other things helps for a while,

but they don’t necessarily make the worry go away.

Make no mistake, having people who support and love you, especially when you’re feeling anxious is beautiful.

Relying on other people to make you less anxious is not.

When you ask for reassurance over and over again,

You’re teaching your brain that you have to ask to feel better.

There is a better way that works!

  • I can help you use the anxiety you feel as a reminder instead of a warning.

  • When you notice that alarm, you’ll learn to feel anxious and stop thinking.

  • We’ll come up with ways to calm your body down so you can think clearly.

  • And you’ll gain confidence so you know you’re not annoying or a burden.

If you’re ready to have fun with the people who care SO MUCH about you,

You are amazing.

<3 Megan

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