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Anxiety Hangovers: How Stress and Anxiety Can Bring Back Old Habits

Old habits die hard. Friend

Your brain never forgets the things that made you feel unsafe.

When anything (and I mean down to the tiniest flicker of a thing) happens,

you’ll feel it somewhere in your body.

Even when you’ve felt great for a long time,

old triggers can pop up and your brain will try to get you to fall back into

old habits to feel less anxious.

This is normal and not a problem once you know how to

handle those uncomfortable feelings.

In the past 3 weeks, I’ve had a lot of stuff going on.

Even though none of it had anything to do with me,

I found myself catching anxiety from others.

(Yes, anxiety is contagious.)

After a week or so of stress and sucking up anxiety like a sponge,

I found myself feeling anxious.

And of course, those feelings led me straight back to

old scary thoughts and the urge to fix them.

Even when the stress I was dealing with went away,

I noticed that I still felt anxious on and off.

I was hungover.

Not from drinking, but from the anxiety I felt for a few days.

Every person I’ve ever coached goes through this exact same experience.

This is why I talk about anxiety hangovers when I’m working with someone.

The key to not letting an anxiety hangover turn into a problem is understanding that anxiety recovery doesn't mean never feeling anxious again.

Instead, you learn to feel the feelings,

feel your emotions,

and calm your body without trying to stop how you feel.

I’ll teach you exactly how to do this when we work together.

Feeling anxious never feels good, but it also doesn’t have to be a problem.

You can feel anxious for less time

and with less intensity.

You stop being afraid of feeling anxious, because you know it’s temporary

and you’ll be back to feeling calm and enjoying your day in no time.

Talk to me about how you can get started feeling better now!

Schedule a Consultation Call.

Talk to you soon.

<3 Megan

P.S. Your life beyond stress and anxiety begins with a decision. You can decide now to change how your body feels and how you respond when you're anxious, so anxiety loses its power. The question isn't, “Am I ready?” The question is, “Have I decided to be ready?” Ready is just one decision away. Talk to me about how I can help you make your decision a reality.

P.P.S. Be sure to check out Episode 56 of the More than Anxiety Podcast to hear more about Anxiety Hangovers wherever you listen. While you’re there, take a quick minute to leave a review and follow so you don’t miss a beat and help others find the podcast as well. Thanks!

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Episode 56 - Anxiety Hangovers

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