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Perfect Doesn't Exist - How To End Perfectionism

You know perfect doesn’t exist but

that’s not going to stop you from trying.

Before we go any further, I want to ask you this one question:

Whose “perfect” are you aiming for?

Is it your mom’s?

Joanna Gaine’s?

Maybe it’s your competition?

Or maybe you’re not even sure what “perfect” actually looks like.

All you know is that if you don’t try to make everything perfect,

people will see what a disaster you really are.

Living in a house that’s not put together and organized 24/7,

With a job that you managed to get from sheer luck.

How do they make everything look so easy?

While you’re sitting here judging yourself,

putting off getting started because you have no idea how to do it “right.”

And this is how it goes.

The more you think about everything you’re not doing, or how you’re messing up,

the more you criticize yourself, and the worse you feel.

You can keep doing more, criticizing yourself, and starting over,

Or you can remember where we started.

You know perfect doesn’t exist.

Which means none of this is about being perfect.

This is about what you think of yourself

and what you’re afraid others think about you.

The key to doing the best you can do, without needing to be perfect

doesn’t come from doing more.

It comes from believing.

And since believing comes from thinking the same things over and over again,

you have to change what you think about yourself in order to change what you do.

Coaching helps you change what you think about yourself and ends perfectionism.

You’ll learn how to feel confident and calm so you can think clearly

and make decisions that keep you from overthinking and feeling anxious.

where I’ll walk with you

through the nasty thoughts you say to yourself,

feeling uneasy and unsure while you grow your beliefs,

and celebrate with you as you start to let go of your fears and show the world that you are perfectly imperfect, exactly as you are.

To talk to me about how you can get started, CLICK HERE.

P.S. Be sure to check out Episode 88 of the More than Anxiety Podcast to hear my interview with Jemma Blythe about being Perfectly Imperfect wherever you listen. While you’re there, take a quick minute to leave a review and follow so you don’t miss a beat and help others find the podcast as well.

P.P.S. Stop letting anxiety determine what you can and can’t do. You can decide now to change how your body feels and how you respond when you're anxious. Are you ready?

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