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That Time We Were All Quarantined

If you would have asked me if at any point in my life I would be homeschooling my own kids while teaching my classes remotely, running a business and be self-quarantined due to a pandemic, I would have cracked up and then developed a serious case of anxiety just thinking about it. Guess what, guys. I'm not freaking out. I'm actually digging the opportunity to work from home, to have my oldest home from college a little early (even though I feel bad that he's missing out on college life) and I'm using this time to my benefit.

I know it's rough! I know a lot of you are struggling emotionally and financially. I know you're scared of what could happen and what is happening. The bad news is, we can't control a virus. The good news is we CAN control our response to the virus and we can totally use it to our advantage. What I'd like to do today is take a few minutes to share with you what I'm doing at home and in my life to keep things calm, cool, and collected while also taking BIG steps forward to what I know is coming for us!

I saw a quick video that Matthew Mcconaughey made yesterday and to sum it one in one line. Every red light eventually turns green. Our green light is coming but for now, I want us to love the red light that has been given to us. Extroverts, go-getters, and people who don't sit still, I'm with you. I'm definitely not an extrovert but I'm for sure a go-getter and sitting down makes me nuts. This might be rough but who said we have to sit down anyway? Actually, I'm going to encourage you to take time to be still but I'm also going to tell you why getting up and at 'em is EXACTLY what you need right now. Let's move that red light to yellow right now. Are you ready?

Since all of this is happening and has been pushed onto us, we might as well take advantage of it, don't you think? After all, our attitude determines everything! It allows us to succeed or causes us to fail. It opens the door because we see an opportunity or it closes doors because we see a loss. This is the most open I have felt in ages and it is entirely because I decided to make this my growing phase. If everything were business as usual, I'd be making Target and Cali Nails runs, moving my kids around and multitasking every which way. Instead, I am forward-focused and I am actually able to be focused! (This is HARD for me, guys!) I am able to bend and stretch and be creative. Creativity takes time and right now, guess what we have been gifted? TIME! Lot's of it!

Here is what I'm going to encourage you to do to keep your life and your business moving forward during the time we have at home. If you start by doing these super easy things and trust that the light is only red for the time being, when it finally does turn green, you'll be ready for the greatness that is coming.

1. Get up when your alarm goes off and start your day. Do not hit snooze just because you might not have to go to work or you are working remotely. Do not instantly get on Facebook.

2. Get dressed. PJs don't count. Put on clothes. Ladies, put on makeup. Gentlemen, if you're a shaver, do that. It might sound silly but when you're lounging in pajamas or sweats all day, your energy is the same as those PJs or sweats. Sleepy.

3. Get grateful! Grab a notebook or journal and list 5 things you are grateful for before you start your day. Follow that up with a list of things you are going to accomplish. End your by writing 5 more things that you are grateful for that happened each day.

4. Move. You've finally got that time you've been looking for to start some sort of workout routine. Yes, the gym might be closed but the road isn't. Take a walk or a hike. Sign up for Daily Burn or another online fitness class. Dance while you clean. This is your chance to develop a new routine that serves you.

5. Create something. Whether it's coloring, cooking, writing, or designing a new business model block off a chunk of time and make it yours. Let your mind wander and get crazy and just watch what comes up. Bonus points if you have kids because this is what homeschool is made of! Think of what they can learn with you and from you.

6. Learn something new. Maybe you've been dying to learn some Spanish, how to code, or how to build your brand. You've been given the time so take half an hour and indulge yourself.

7. Help someone else. Have you called to check in on your parents or your grandparents? Maybe you could pick up some groceries for them so they don't have to venture out. If you're ordering out, order from a local restaurant or business to support them in this tough time. Pull your neighbors recycle bit to their garage. Make cards for nursing home residents. There are countless ways you can brighten someone else's day and still keep that six-foot safety radius.

8. Schedule this stuff all in on a block schedule. When you make that to-do list, actually write it down on a schedule so you and your family have a consistent routine. You can do this daily or at the beginning of the week. Keeping a consistent schedule while adding in free time is what is going to allow you the growth and opportunities that are being given to you while you're quarantined; you just have to be sure to recognize them and make them happen.

9. Finally, if you want one more big bold step to move you forward, get the support, system and accountability you need to turn these changes into lasting habits. Since all of my coaching sessions are held over the phone, there is nothing stopping us from having a Breakthrough Session to dig into what you want and to see if we might work well together. If we are a good fit, we can get started on your goals even while we are practicing social distancing. Just think, in eight weeks, while we are avoiding groups of more than ten people, you'll actually be 2/3 of the way to a stronger and more confident YOU! What a powerful way to reset your life while making the most of an unwanted situation. (Which I'm guessing will be one of the most powerful and best thing that has ever happened to you.)

I can't wait to talk to you very soon.

<3 Megan

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Shannon D
Shannon D
Jun 20, 2022

Very thoughtful blogg

Megan Devito
Megan Devito
Jun 20, 2022
Replying to

Thank you, Shannon

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