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October is National Anti-Bullying Month

It's been a few weeks since I've written here; not because I've been slacking, but because I've been hanging out in Facebook Live land instead. Since some of you might not have followed me over there yet (why the heck not?!) I wanted to be sure to bring you the same important content on bullying so you don't miss a beat. The two videos I'm going to share with you today are from the first and second Thursdays in October. The first video explains what bullying is, as well as some of the different types of bullying you may experience at work, or that your children may experience at school. The second video touches on what you can do if your son or daughter is being bullied.

I mentioned in the second video that I use a sales system called BANKCODE in both my life and health coaching practices. BANK is a system Cheri Tree developed that uses personality science to learn our client's values, communication style, and how they make decisions. Even better, we can also learn about our own values and communication habits which opens the door for higher emotional intelligence. I use BANK in my classroom with my high school students, at home with my kids and husband, and in my coaching. The more I use the communication skills I have learned with BANK, the more I want to share them with others so we can all speak one language. In my life coaching practice, I teach teens who struggle with low self-concept, confidence, and low self-esteem, along with the adults in their lives, how to communicate so they can thrive. If you have not used this link to grab your free personality report, crack your code right now. The knowledge you gain from a 90-second quiz is invaluable in getting to know yourself better, and it is the first step in developing a better connection with the important people in your life. While you're at it, be sure to share the link with your teenager to see how they are communicating with you, and if you are speaking the same language.

If you started for the health coaching, nutrition, and weight loss information and wonder if that's still a thing, it definitely is. My Ditch the Diet program is still very much alive. As I have gained certifications, I found my passion in coaching teens and I am developing that program as well. Please don't hesitate to schedule a breakthrough session for either program.

I want to thank you all for always coming back for more and for the love you have shown for this blog. I truly appreciate your sharing this content and inviting your friends to join me here, on Instagram, and on Facebook.

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