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Lights... Camera.... VACATION!

Let's try a little something different today. I did a Facebook Live yesterday about all of the hard work y'all have done to get ready for Spring Break. Whether you're heading to the beach, to the mountains, or staying at home, it's a week OFF! (Hopefully for you and not just for the kids.) Just like holidays, vacations become a great excuse for us to go hog wild and blow our diets, pack on weight, and feel a tinge of guilt at how we have to start aaallllll the way over again to regain control of our eating, exercise, routines and mindsets.

I'm not one to step all over a good time but I AM one to find a happy balance between living it up on vacation and sticking 100% to your diet. I WANT you to have a great week. I want you to enjoy delicious foods and to play hard. I want you to have a little umbrella in your drink or ice cream after dinner. I DON'T WANT YOU TO UNDO ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK! There is balance... and to help you, there is this video.

If you're wanting the cheat sheet I mentioned, its simple! You can grab it on the member perks page right here just by entering your name and email on the sign up page. You'll also get the "How To Lose Weight When Nothing Else is Working" ebook so it's a double bonus!

Enjoy my low quality video with high quality info and have a safe and excellent vacation.

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