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How To Handle Money Anxiety

If talking about or thinking about money makes you anxious, this post is for you.

Just like feeling anxious about your health or being judged by other people,

anxiety about money can make you

snap on your family and friends,

lay awake at night worrying,

feel sick and frantic,

and even lead you to an anxiety attack.

When you think there isn’t enough money,

You hold onto tighter to the money you do have.

You don’t buy things you want and feel anxious buying things you need.

Or you might resent people who have more money than you.

No matter how you behave when you feel money anxiety kick in,

you can stop worrying when you change how you view money and yourself.

Here’s how to start.

1. Learn how to calm your body so you can think about money without fear.

2. Change how you think about money.

Money is only a way for us to trade without having to use animal pelts and beads.

If you swap cookies and coffee, cookies and coffee become money.

3. Look for money all around you.

Money is everywhere and anyway it comes to you counts.

From work,

In a birthday card,

A rebate check, or even

Someone taking you out for lunch.

4. Separate your self worth from your net worth.

If you think people who have money are bad, greedy or selfish,

then wishing you had more of it can make you feel bad, greedy and selfish.

When you stop worrying and start appreciating money, amazing things happen!

You notice all the places where you have money and how easily it comes to you.

Bills don't make you anxious anymore.

You don't feel weird when someone buys you something nice.

You have fun with your money, save some, and buy things you need and want without feeling scared.

You're know you’re important with our without money.

I can help you feel calm and confident around money

and about who you are as an amazing human - with or without money.

You can talk to me about coaching by scheduling a consultation call.

Check out Episode 43 to hear more about Money Anxiety.

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