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Dream Until It Scares You

The sunshine is deceiving today. It looks warm and welcoming outside but after a frost and a chilly morning, I'm left wishing hard for summertime weather and freedom. As we wind down the school year, my heart and mind are ready for a break. Even more, they are in NEED of a change! If I'm being honest, it's been a rough year of teaching for nearly every teacher I've talked to from California to Massachusetts, and I'm here to offer that Indiana is no exception. I'm dreaming of June with it's easy, warm breezes, and working from home. Coaching from home is my bliss: it feels free and full of fun and potential but at the same time challenging, scary, and big in a way that changes and grows and pushes me to grow every single day.

When you're looking to make your life into something dreamy, you have dream until it scares you! You have to let your imagination run wild until it gives you butterflies and feels a little TOO big. After all, if it feels doable, you'd already be doing it. I bet you didn't know this but that silly idea, that out of reach plan, that pie in the sky, that wish... those things all have meaning and purpose in your life and it's high time you pay attention to them! Those dreams are inside you for a reason that you will only understand when you go after them. If you sit around and imagine yourself working at a different job or taking a glass-blowing class, If you're dying to learn to ride a unicycle or walk a tightrope, If you want to become a nail technician or a tattoo artist, If you want to redecorate your living room or build a she shed, If you want to go back to school, go to Greece, or simply to go to bed earlier... IF YOU ARE DREAMING OF A LIFE WHERE FEAR DOESN'T HOLD YOU HOSTAGE...

So, what is stopping you? Maybe you think that you don't have the time or the money.

  • Is that true or is that a safe thought to keep you from taking a step toward action?

Maybe you fear not having the support of your family.

  • How do you know? Have you shared your desire with them? What if they don't need to support you?

Maybe you don't have the faintest idea how to get started.

  • What if you did know? What would that step be?

Or maybe, it's just straight up FEAR.

  • Fear of failure.

  • Fear of being seen.

  • Even fear of succeeding!

Here's a little bit of truth for you to consider. Whatever your reason is for staying stuck in a cycle of anxiety or fear, for not going back to school, for not taking the vacation, your brain is creating a story. How your brain envisions this dream will generate thoughts that cause you to feel excited or anxious, capable or not, supported or alone. What's incredible is that you can 100% change your thoughts, create new feelings and start taking actions that lead you toward that dreamy life you want. This week I want to challenge you to do some soul searching. Each morning, get up 10 to 15 minutes earlier. Use this time to meditate, be mindful, and to daydream. Really zero in on where your heart and mind go and to what brings you JOY when you empty your brain of all the things you have to do, or are afraid of doing, and imagine instead what it would feel like to have the job, make the change, spend the money, invest the time, create the life you desire. Let it ripple through you until you can see it and feel it in your body. What needs to take place for you the experience that feeling of JOY if you're NOT living a life that includes whatever it is that is missing?

You really can create the life you want.

If need some help getting clear on how to create what you truly want, click the JOY button. Schedule a free consultation with me, and I'll help you come up with a plan on how to get started taking small, BOLD, steps toward those beautiful dreams. The call is simple, FuN and guaranteed to leave you excited for what comes next in your life.

So, I'm curious, what does your summer bucket list look like and what is the BIGGEST checkmark you can make that would lead you through summer and into an amazing Fall and Winter as well?

Talk to you soon!

<3 Megan

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