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Don't Wait 11 Years To Stop Feeling Anxious: Recovery doesn't have to take forever.

The average person who feels anxious waits 11 years to ask for help.

That’s around 4015 days of

➡ Overthinking every situation and feeling,

➡ Avoiding people, places and things you want to do,

➡ Procrastinating,

➡ Saying yes when you want to say no,

➡ And no when you want to say yes.

4105 days of overwhelm, and

sliding down a slippery slope into bigger anxious habits.

The Cost of Waiting: How Anxiety Can Impact Your Life

It’s frustrating and discouraging, and before you know it,

you’ve given up on feeling anything other than

keyed up and snappy for no reason.

Your friends and family expect it now,

and even if they don’t totally understand it,

they know it’s just how you are.

And even though you’re miserable, at least you’re trying.

There’s even part of you that thinks staying anxious is keeping you safe.

(It’s not. I promise.)

And right now, as hard as you’ve been fighting and trying and doing all the things,

the only evidence you have is that nothing works and if something actually

COULD work,

It would take months or even years to make a difference.

And I’m here to tell you that is 100% not true.

With all the L❤️VE in the world,

Trying is wishy-washy.

It’s a half-commit with room to bail.

It leaves room to change your mind (so you don’t have to actually change your mind).

Small Shifts Create Big Result

And those changes don’t have to take 11 more years.

One simple A-ha moment, where you notice what you’ve been thinking,

One insight into how your body feels,

How you’re keeping yourself stuck to feel safe,

I’ve seen it happen time and time again and I can coach you

on how to stop feeling anxiety fast.

It’s one small change in how you respond or what you think,

that leads to accidentally saying no and meaning it,

asking for what you want,

forgetting to check your phone.

And suddenly you’re not sure the last time you had a meltdown.

You’re making plans and even when you notice you feel anxious,

you don’t respond to the feeling or the thoughts.

You just go have fun.

Don't wait 11 years to stop feeling anxious. Recovery doesn't have to take forever.

It takes one moment to change how you view yourself and the ball is rolling.

Are you ready?

<3 Megan

P.P.S. THIS WEEK’S JOURNAL PROMPT: What have you been putting off? Make a list of everything from cleaning out the garage to asking for help with anxiety. Then answer the question for each item asking yourself why you can’t start today. See what your brain comes up with. Bring these answers to a consultation call and let’s figure out how you can stop putting off what you want and need to do.

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