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Bravery is a Verb.

Let's jump right into the thick of it today, shall we? I've been so excited for this week to get here for a host of reasons. This is my LAST week of school and my schedule is flying wide open for fun and incredible coaching. I'm able to finally focus solely on my business, my coaching, and my life outside of my classroom which is super exciting to me. I know it's summer and maybe I'm supposed to have a "bucket list" mindset but I'm way too excited for all of the other fun things on my list. I totally believe that this is a powerful season in my life and I'm following that belief right into the rest of what is always my favorite time of year.

In the middle of planning all the things I want to share with you, I found myself stuck in a mountain of ideas with trouble staying focused on ONE thing instead of a million little tidbits. I sometimes find myself frustrated and unable to think of the "right thing" to share instead of acknowledging that, in all honesty, I had too many ideas.

I spiral.

I tell myself I have nothing.

I tell myself I can simply not share anything this week.

I tell myself I'm never going to get there.

What I'm getting at is, it is easy to get locked down in indecision and overwhelm. The brain loves familiarity, security, and staying comfortable at all costs.

While I was listening Mel Robbins and The Life Coach School Podcast this morning this message showed up in both episodes so I know it had to be for me and for me to share with you as well.

Are you ready for it?





Your beliefs always determine your behavior.

The things that you accomplish or don't accomplish are determined by what you think about about yourself and you ability to achieve. Those thoughts cause you to feel empowered or defeated, hopeful or fearful, apathetic or inspired. How you feel about who you are and what you are able to do is what shapes your life.

The projects you tackle and finish... or start and never complete,

The dreams you chase and achieve... or the dreams that simply turn into wishes,

The job you apply for... and the job you pass by,

Even the way you dress...

Every move you make each day is determined by what you believe in the moment about who you are, what you deserve, and how capable you believe yourself to be.

When you really get down and dirty with that, it can open up a whole lot of uncomfortable feelings about who you are, can't it? Now before you "X" out and decide that part of you is too much, wait! I know those thoughts can cause you to feel embarrassed and weak but realizing simply that you can choose to think differently and prove yourself powerful is wide open now and I learned that first hand.

In the process of building 10,000 Swords, the hardest part of every single step I have taken has come down to what I believe about myself and I still work on it every single day. There are days that I feel on fire and then there are days where I don't feel like I have a single worthwhile thing left to say; that I can't help anyone, and that I don't deserve to be doing any of this. The truth is, I have so much to share, I'm an amazing coach, and I freaking LOVE this path I'm on!

This is part of my confidence crew. My mom and my daughter push me to stretch and try new things. I am so blessed to have a crew of people who push me to be more and better. If your people don't have your back, it's high time you find someone who sees you for the B@d@$$ you are!

Here's what I've learned. When I don't feel like I know what to do, it's because I'm scared to choose the "wrong" thing or to fail. It's not that I really don't know, it's that I'm not being honest with myself about how I really feel.

Truthfully, it's because I don't really always belief that I'm capable of doing what I REALLY want to do.

Does that sound familiar to you, Friend?

When this happens I have to remind myself that there are no "wrong" answers and failing is how we learn. What counts is learning confidence through bravery, because my friend, bravery is a verb.

Bravery is DOING!

Think about a time that you dreamed of doing something that seemed too big, too scary, or way too out of reach. What were you thinking about yourself and what did you believe you were capable of accomplishing? Is it what you WANT to believe about yourself?

The good news is that you can absolutely change your beliefs about yourself. It simply takes intention, bravery, and time.

To begin changing your beliefs and start rocking your life do this.

1. Begin by recognizing the meanness you bestow upon yourself. You are your best advocate, your best friend, and your energy center. Recognize the garbage thoughts and call them out.

2. Untangle your thoughts by digging into what you want to believe. Thoughts are fleeting, beliefs go deeper and are formed over time, often beginning when you were a child. I help people find evidence of their power to change these beliefs.

3. Question the truth of your beliefs. What does it mean that you're thinking X,Y,Z about yourself? Is it true or is it something you're afraid is true?

4. Change the perspective. What I mean by this is, see yourself from someone else's or another time's perspective. What do you see if you were meeting yourself for the first time? Also remember that what you THINK someone might be thinking is only your thought. (The truth is, we can only guess what someone is thinking unless they tell us and, even then, it doesn't necessarily matter.)

5. Prove yourself wrong or right. Anxiety and beliefs both love proof. Find evidence for or against what you believe to solidify the change and keep proving yourself right or wrong over and over until it sticks. Let's get to the heart of the matter together and create openness so those negative anxious thoughts don't cloud the truth.

Spending time with someone who can question your actions and your thoughts to help you get clear on what you want and where you're headed is what coaching is all about and I'd love to hear about all of the wonderful plans you have for yourself and if I can lend you a hand. You can click HERE or the yellow button above to schedule a free consultation to get crystal clear on what you want and to see if us working together is a good match.

My friend, I already KNOW how




and fantastic you are. I know that you have big dreams that are waiting for you and I am cheering for you so hard every single day. Make today amazing.

Leave me a comment here and tell me what you want for yourself! I'd love to know.

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