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How To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed? 3 Steps to Take Back Control of Your Time and Reduce Stress

Your calendar is full.

Your to-do list gets longer by the minute.

And you don't remember the last time you had time to yourself.

ANXIETY says...

Do more.

Work more.

Don't mess up.


Keep plowing through your day,

Guzzling coffee,

Showing up with a plastered-on smile,

Hoping no one can tell your mind is already onto the next thing you have to do. 

If you only had an hour to prioritize everything you have to do.... 🤯 



1. Take out your calendar or phone and block off 15 minutes today.

2. During that 15 minutes, write in the notes app on your phone or in an actual paper journal how you want to feel about your schedule, your job, your life at home, and yourself. Be detailed.

3. Read what you wrote and imagine feeling that way now. Notice what you're doing, how you feel, and how you navigate life.

That's how you can feel instead of overwhelmed, burned out, and exhausted!


Feeling overwhelmed is a sign you need support.

 Schedule a coaching consultation to learn how I can help you

  • Manage your time and schedule to stop feeling overwhelmed

  • Develop stress and anxiety management strategies that work to calm your body

  • Set and hold boundaries that give you more time to relax and take care of yourself

  • Create balance in your home and work life to prevent burnout

An hour a week devoted to your goals and needs is the first step to being confident in your job and feeling present at home, managing stress and anxiety, and having more time and fun this summer and for years to come.

Talk to you soon.


P.S. Stop letting anxiety determine what you can and can’t do. You can decide now to change how your body feels and how you respond when you're anxious. Are you ready?

P.P.S. Be sure to check out Episode 91 of the More than Anxiety Podcast to hear more about The Intersection of Leadership, Mental Health, and Authentic Conversations with Teisha Gillespie wherever you listen. While you’re there, take a quick minute to leave a review and follow so you don’t miss a beat and help others find the podcast as well. Thanks!

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