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Dear Younger Self,

Circa 1980 something

Dear Me,

If you could read this as that awkward middle school girl that you were, things have would gone a lot smoother for you. Those days of rainbow leg warmers on chubby calves don't last forever and, I have good news, YOU MADE IT! You didn't die of any of those scary diseases or things that you were so afraid of. Your mom and dad are still married. You aren't as weird/fat/cross-eyed/stupid/uncoordinated or any of the other things that you felt you were as a child. All of the intense anxiety, the upset stomachs, the fear; all of the times you quit because you weren't the best at a sport, or worse, you didn't even try... you're over it! YOU ARE NOT THAT GIRL ANYMORE!

You have grown and learned that it's okay to not like everyone... and it's equally okay that not everyone will like you. (Even if it still does drive you crazy sometimes.) You don't have to be the best, but you sure as hell have to at least see how good you can be at something, even if you do suck at it in the end. It is truly amazing what a little oxygen can do to stabilize your thoughts, isn't it? Those panic attacks you had in high school and college, and even now and again as an adult, you have learned how to stop them before they take over and ruin the next month or two of your life. Another thing little girl, I know you felt too big, too loud, too out of place, and you have found your place. You fit just fine and life is GOOD! I mean, really good. You are more than fine. You are amazing!



Okay, your turn. What would you tell your awkward, teenage self? What does that person who still lives inside you need to know and how much constant attention do they still demand? Do they tell you how to think? Do they control your present through what you eat, what you believe to be true about your life, or how you respond to opportunities? Do they show you your faults and tell you stories that aren't true anymore?

That part of you that whispers into your ear when you're about to take a brave, bold step is there to warn you of all the reasons to step back. That YOU, loves you! That former you is working hard to keep you safe and alive, but you know, that part of you isn't YOU anymore... is it? If you are reading this blog, you have survived and grown. You likely aren't wearing rainbow striped leg warmers and dancing around your bedroom to Footloose. (Or maybe you are....) What do you need to let go of or grab ahold of to be the best version of yourself now?

Is your mirror broken?

Take a few minutes and thank yourself for keeping you safe to this point in your life. Let your old self know that you appreciate the love and protection that your past provides but that you made it this far and are ready to take a brave new step to create a bold future. Do it now! Let go and be your best self! Let's talk for 45 minutes to an hour and see what is keeping you stuck and how we can work together to make your future amazing!

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