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Hey, I'm Megan.

I'm so glad you're here.

Between scrolling social media, hormones doing who knows what, and balancing work and family obligations, it's no wonder you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and exhausted.  (Psst. These are all symptoms of anxiety).


That stops here.

Enough of the what-ifs, constant comparisons, and the pressure to make everyone else happy.


You can feel confident and have more joy, even when:

  • Your 40-something hormones are fluctuating.

  • Your job is demanding

  • Your family life is hectic

  • Social media has you judging yourself and gives you unrealistic expectations


You deserve to feel good, regardless of your circumstances.

I can help you develop the tools and strategies to manage stress, 

manage and overcome anxiety, 

and create a life where you feel confident and have fun!

Welcome to Megan Devito Coaching

Karla R.

"Working with Megan changed my life. I was dealing with burnout, imposter syndrome, anxious thoughts, negative self-talk, you name it. She asked the right questions, helped me slow things down, unravel my thoughts, and navigate my own inner dialogue. If you're ready and willing to do the work on yourself — and It. Is. Work. — then Megan can help get you there."

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