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How To Stay Motivated

Hey there. I'm happy that you decided to stop in here and check out this post. I know life is busy and all of the other important things you have to do are looming as you read this but this is a read that is going to set you up for more time, more energy, and more of what you want so keep going. I'm about to share with you quick tips you can use to find the forward motion you need to create change in your life with the least amount of pain.

Let's get started.

One of the questions I am often asked is how I stay motivated and, in a nutshell, the answer is... I don't. I have days where I really don't want to do the things I'm "supposed to do". Things like making dinner, showering, working out, cleaning up the kitchen, etc. Some days these little facts of life feel overwhelming so I won't tell you I feel motivated all the time. In fact, I feel quite the opposite; I have zero motivation to plan, make, or clean up dinner on any given day of the week. You can ask my family.

Here's the thing; nine times out of ten, I still do whatever it is that needs done.

I say nine times out of them because of course there are times to let things go. Life happens! Unexpected circumstances, sickness, last minute rearranging, and CARRY OUT (Amen!) create a need for space; having the ability to make decisions as to what needs to come first in your life is essential. You have to know what NEEDS to happen and what can take a back seat. At the same time, you also have to have the DETERMINATION to do the things you don't necessarily feel like doing.

The biggest thing I need you to know first and foremost is that motivation will get you only part of the way to where you need or want to be. Motivation is fickle and fleeting and if you're relying on it to keep you moving forward, you're going to run out of gas.

So what the heck are you supposed to do when you barely have the get up and go to simply get up, or when you're feeling trapped because anxiety or overwhelm is running your show?

Making a decision to start a new habit or to break an old one, or to commit to having what you want is a conscious choice. It is not based in ease, fun, or even like. Often times, the best things we create in life require us to simply decide and stick to that decision. This is where motivation goes out the door and determination comes in.

If you're ready to switch from feeling motivated to succeeding, even when motivation isn't there, keep reading.

First things first...

If you feel that you are dealing with anxiety that leads to overwhelm, I need you to know a couple of things.

  1. You are not alone, weird, a loser, pathetic, or incapable. You are actually quite normal! Anxiety is super common and NOT a life sentence!

  2. Feeling unmotivated, exhausted, and stuck is part of how an anxious brain keeps you right where you are - stuck and uncomfortable. Feeling hopeless, having thoughts of hurting yourself or others, or giving up is bigger and I 100% encourage you to stop reading right now and schedule time to talk to a licensed therapist. You deserve more than those feelings.

Here we go!

1. Set ONE goal. Remember that this goal needs to be

Measurable, (What are the numbers to this goal? How long? How much? etc.)

A stretch but not impossible, (Go big but be realistic.)

And have a definite outcome. (What does it look like when you achieve your goal?)

2. Get Dreamy. Write a vision of yourself when you have achieve the goal. Get super clear on what this ONE THING will look like, smell like, sound like, feel like in your body. You need this picture of what you want to power you through when you don't feel like doing what it takes to get there.

This is what I do in the very first session with people I coach. To learn more on what it would look like, book a consultation call ! Consultations are always free and incredibly beneficial when you have a little bit of an idea where you're going but the rest feels foggy at best.

3. Focus on the outcome, not the steps. Do ONE THING at a time, every single day.

If your goal is to shower, plan to do it at the same time each day thinking of how it feels when you have already showered.

If it is to go to bed with an empty kitchen sink, plan to do the dishes at the same time each day remembering what it feels like to wake up to a clean kitchen, not how it feels to do the dishes.

The point here is, it has to be on the schedule and to do it everyday at the same time. Floating schedules and "not feeling it right now" leaves open doors to opt out. Make it easy on your brain to do the thing so when you don't feel motivated and your brain pushes back: and it will push back you have what it takes to do it anyway.

4. Give yourself some time and grace. If you're struggling to get started in this new routine, keep in mind that your brain doesn't love new things on repeat. The brain loves certainty and routine. It takes time and intention to create new habits that have a pain point. And, trying to do make too many changes at once will overwhelm your brain. Just take one step. Begin with 5 minutes of dedication: work out for 5 minutes. Meditate for 5 minutes. Spend 5 minutes on your personal care, your laundry, your dishes. Once 5 minutes is a breeze, move to 10, then 15, and so on. Remember that any step forward is better than no steps forward. And tomorrow, do the same thing again. Make it a habit while continuing to stretch yourself and your goal. You'll get there in time.

5. Finally (and I think most importantly) Celebrate! You did it! You took a step and maybe it was really hard and you hated every second but YOU DID IT!! 🤩 Celebrating the little things gives your brain that little hit of happy hormones and builds your confidence. Do a little dance and smile.

Big changes come in small steps.

If you're feeling stressed or anxious, or you just loathe doing the things you don't like to do, these steps will help you begin to get up and going. And, of course I can help you! As a coach, I get the amazing job of helping you discover your hidden thoughts that hold you back then create new ways of thinking and behaving so you can create the life you want to live!

If you're ready to discover what is waiting on you on the other side of fear, click the button and schedule a time for us to talk. The call is totally free, completely fun, and will give you at least one way you can move forward toward your goals! You're going to love it!

CHEERS to you today for deciding to go all in on what you want and need to love your life just a little bit more! You've got this and I am cheering for you.

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