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When you need to know more and may not be sure what to ask...

Q: I've tried everything and I'm afraid I'll be disappointed again. How will this be different?

A: I'm so glad you asked and I know this feeling of desperation and frustration. While you may have tried other ways of working through in the past that threw everything you could possibly do into motion at the same time, I've broken down each technique into small bite-sized bits of information and added action steps that build slowly on one another to help you digest each new concept. Taking small but powerful steps, you can expect to learn the techniques I teach without all of the unrealistic expectations and confusion that can leave you feeling defeated and incapable when you are tackling anxiety from every angle at once. We also follow each weeks' action steps with group coaching where you are able to ask questions and lean on others using the same techniques who may lend their suggestions and struggles to help you along the way. This course is full of support to get you through the rough patches and to the next step in living without anxiety holding you back.

Q: I'm too nervous to speak up in a group setting, how can I participate if I can't even talk in a group chat?

A: I know that social anxiety and being vocal is a HUGE struggle for some people. That's okay and that's why you're here. Not only will you learn from simply listening as we walk through the group coaching sessions, but as you progress and learn the techniques and take BOLD steps, you might surprise yourself at how much your level of participation increases. This course is designed to help you take small, courageous steps to grow your confidence while managing anxiety. Don't worry if it feels overwhelming right now - you're not there yet.


Q: Anxiety doesn't just go away so I don't think this will get rid of it for me.

A: You're right. Anxiety doesn't just go away but you CAN learn to greatly reduce its frequency and intensity so most of your days are anxiety-free. You can also learn to manage anxiety when it does pop up so it doesn't stick around or overwhelm you. Similarly, you are also the master of your mindset and if you decide you can't get rid of it, you will be correct in that way as well. Managing anxiety and getting rid of anxiety aren't one and the same. For days when you feel more anxious, you'll have the tools and systems you need to let it go and keep moving forward in your day.​

Q: Can you remind me of everything I'm getting when I sign up today?

A: I sure can! When you sign up today, you'll get my six-week course, Break the Anxiety Habit, curated resources for each week's lessons including short, medium and long term solutions to anxiety, six weeks of group coaching, and my bonus module, How To Handle Setbacks for only$547. (A $1150 value!)

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