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Snow Day Dreams

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

I just read that 200 million of us are about to blasted with some insanely cold air this week that's a lot of people looking for something to do that keeps them happy, warm and inspired. With kids at home and extra time to get your creative juices flowing, families often turn to baking cookies, playing outside and finding crafts on Pinterest to keep the littles occupied and happy. If you have exhausted your cookie making energy and are still recovering from the holidays (Christmas was only a month ago), here is a great suggestion that you can do with your kids that will peak your creative mind, focus your intentions and still use craft supplies if that's your thing.

Whether you're familiar with the idea of manifestation or you're just one of those people who like to have some organization to your life, vision boards are a great idea that you can do with friends, big and little kids, or all by yourself. I'm going to give you a rundown on how to make your own board, why you should make one and show you the results you can achieve.

In the manifestation sense, a vision board takes your wants and desires and puts a visual representation out there to remind you of why you do what you do. It ties you to your goals or intentions for your home, your education, your vacation plans, your job, anything you're envisioning for your life. What I really love about this is that you get to stretch your kids imaginations and get them to focus on what they feel is important in their lives while you do the same.

Before you actually get into the box of scissors, glue, thumbtacks and paper, stop! Vision boards aren't just full of pretty things you like to look at. If you want to make your vision board work for you... and yes, they do actually do something... you have to really be clear on what you want. If you want to remodel your basement, what does it look like? Get specific! Colors, feelings, furniture, temperature, lighting, all of it. Really picture what you're wanting and go from there. If you want to travel, where do you want to go? What do you want to eat there? What will the weather be like? What activities will you take part in? This might take some pre-planning for you and for the little ones too. Kids are often naturally specific and know what they want more than adults so don't be surprised if they have this down in no time flat. I'll discuss some ways that you can really connect with yourself next week but for now, daydream.

Creating vision boards is a great side-by-side activity that you can do with your kids but not for them. You don't make your kids board and you don't get to judge their board. (At least not out loud.) So, when your kid tells you he wants to be the next Dan TDM and run a multi-million dollar YouTube channel, you keep your wits and judgments to yourself and let him make his board about it. If your daughter wants to start a bakery where she only makes teeny-tiny cakes and pies and sells them at Comic Con events across the globe, have her create her costume while she is at it. After all, they probably don't have the faintest idea why it is important for you to have hard wood flooring throughout your house and a sauna in your bathroom.

I have a small vision board above my desk. Over the course of the past year, pictures have changed either because my desire shifted or I achieved a goal. I also have boards on Pinterest that hold a treasure trove of vision board worthy pins. Either place is fine to keep your dreams in check but personally, I prefer my little bulletin board in the kitchen. It's always there for me to see and less cluttered as opposed to the mountains of recipes, outfits, quotes and baby animals I pin away online. When you create your own board, choose what works best for you; another idea is to use that old printer you probably have in your house and print some of the pins that mean the most to you. Magazine articles, newspaper clippings, colorful construction paper and favorite buttons or memories are fantastic additions as well. This board is a display for you or your kids so the more personal and emotional you can make it, the better it will work in keeping you directed and moving toward what you have created.

A word of warning! When you are really connected to your vision board and you start focusing on what you truly want, the universe starts lining up a lot of things for you. This works for what you don't want just as easily so keep the focus on the positive! If you look for all the reasons why you are having a rotten day like dripping coffee on your white shirt, getting a flat tire or forgetting your wallet at home, you’ll keep attracting things that drive you crazy to prove you right. On the flip side if you're focusing on what is going well, you'll keep getting more positive vibes coming your way that magically line up to produce that basement remodel that you put on your board awhile back.

Once your boards are done (for now, they'll change and adapt as you do), share them! Turn your boards into story time for you and your kids. Tell the story of your future self living life as though you already have everything you just imagined for yourself on the board. Speak in the present tense and to really get into it, act it out. The more emotion and excitement you have, the better the feeling, the more fun and the faster you'll see your imagination come to life.

I would love to see pictures of what you come up with. Once your board is finished, share a photo here or on Facebook.

Have fun this week, stay warm and love your life.

<3 Megan


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