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Not Just Edible Dental Floss

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Don't laugh but I made and drank celery juice yesterday. I'm not kidding. I put it in the blender, mixed it all up with a little bit of apple and downed it. It was warmish and not stringy and not as disgusting as I anticipated. Actually, it would have been refreshing if it were colder. You may be asking yourself which deep end I just fell into now and to save you from wondering, I'm just going to tell you. My ear is junk.

Yeah, you heard that right... my ear is junk. Is your's? Do you think you didn't hear/read that correctly? I promise you didn't. My left ear rings constantly, is always full but not infected, feels pressure and has hearing loss which all adds up to what is likely Miniere's disease. It is super annoying and there isn't anything doctor's can do about it so I decided to see what kind of Mother Earth concoction I could come up with to make it stop. Up until I met with a client of mine, I didn't have any remedy that was any good at doing much that actually worked. Low and behold, when I sat down with my client, she mentioned that a friend of her's also has Miniere's disease and had started drinking celery juice. This was how I looked.

Celery juice?

Let me be quite clear in stating that I don't like juice. I don't drink juice unless it's a mimosa or a bloody mary so the idea of mixing up some dental floss juice wasn't on my list of things to try. I do, however, like celery and peanut butter and celery and hummus so I decided that maybe a few more sticks here and there would help. About 2 weeks ago I started making sure I ate 1 celery stalk a day and do you know what? My ear pressure is down! It is important to know that celery does not cure Miniere's by any fashion but the pressure has been gone since I upped my celery consumption! Maybe I was onto something here but celery? Really? I was always under the idea that celery was basically fibrous water. Not so.

As I mixed the celery in my cheap-o Aldi blender, I was sure the strings would wrap around the blade and cause a small appliance fire. I added a little bit of water and 1/2 an organic apple to the mix just to tame down the natural saltiness that celery offers. To my surprise, the blender liquified the celery with out any problems. The drink was thick but no more so than a warm milkshake and the apple added some flavor but not sweetness which is a big bonus for me because sweet drinks make me feel sick. Ladies and gentlemen, I found a "juice" that I can actually stomach! I've tried the smoothie route, fruit juice, hot cocoa, iced mochas, milkshakes and every other sweet drink under the sun and they all leave me feeling over-sugared and sicker than a dog. I drank the whole 16 oz. in a flash and went out this morning for two more bunches of organic celery.

You may have heard (or maybe you haven't) about high alkaline diets and how fantastic they are for your stomach if you have ulcers, achy joints, etc. If you haven't, you can read up on it here. I highly recommend checking this out if you're struggling with low energy/exhaustion, acne, brain fog or confusion, anxiety and depression, frequent headaches, frequent colds, joint pain, muscle weakness or digestive issues. The correlation between these symptoms relate back, more often than not, to our diets and what we choose to eat. Without completely ditching the foods you love, you may be able to combat some of the symptoms by simply adding in more alkaline foods! Great news, right?

For more great news on how you can look better, even if you're never ever EVER going to drink celery juice, hit me up for a consultation now so we can come up with a plan for your healthy future! You won't regret it.

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