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JOY Organics© CBD

When I'm coaching a client or chatting with a group, I'm often asked about using CBD for anxiety and I have to admit, I'm a fan. Not because I never feel anxious anymore (that would actually be a BIG problem!) but because I have fewer adrenaline surges and a much easier time with restless legs in the evening.


After trying the cheapest CBD gummies on Groupon, the expensive MLM brand tinctures, a great starter CBD tincture from a natural foods store,  I finally found JOY Organics © online and decided to give them a shot.

When I switched to JOY Organics© CBD gummies, I wasn't sure what to expect.  As recommended by an acquaintance on Instagram who sells a different brand of CBD, I decided to try 1/2 a gummy in morning and 1/2 in the evening. Since these gummies are 10 mg each, I knew exactly how much I was taking and could regulate the dose based on what I was guessing I needed. In the first few days I noticed the adrenaline surges I experienced from time to time were becoming less intense at first and then less frequent. I felt calm instead of a having the feeling of needing to rush and of being on edge. My nervous system was more relaxed and slower to jump into action. As I continued taking 1/2 a gummy in the morning and 1/2 a gummy in before bed, the trend continued as did the consistency of the benefits. And my favorite part, my restless legs are all but history at this point! 


Q: Will these make my anxiety go away?

A: No. No should you want them to! Anxiety is a natural response to a perceived threat that causes your body to react just as it should IF you were actually in danger.  CBD is one of the tools available to you to help you as you learn to manage anxiety and to regulate your hormones, etc. CBD can help boost your serotonin levels and calm your nervous system. This is important because anxiety is stored in the body, and by calming the feelings of anxiousness, you can lower the overall feeling of anxiety which allows you and I to go deeper into creating powerful changes in your thoughts and behaviors through coaching.

Q: Will CBD make me feel high?

A: Nope. CBD does cause you to feel high, only more relaxed which is why they are great for helping you get more and better sleep. Which, by the way, is essential in helping your brain think clearly so you can process through anxious thoughts and start living without anxiety getting in your way!

Q: Will I fail a drug screen?

A: Drug tests screen for THC, the psychoactive/hallucinogenic part of cannabis. Drug screens do not test for CBD. **A trace amount of THC may be present but should absolutely NOT show up on a screen. 

Q: Where can I learn more about JOY Organics©?

A: CLICK HERE to learn about CBD and things you never knew you needed to know about cannabis, history, medicine, and more. 

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