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How would breaking the anxiety habit change your life?

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Registration is Opening Again Soon!

But Megan, What do I get?

Succulent Plant and Binder Clips

I have a few questions.

(Click to go the the F.A.Q. page or send me a text at 260-222-8323)

Break the Anxiety Habit is PERFECT for you if:

You're just getting started on your quest to ease anxiety.

You've been struggling for too long and want something that will FINALLY work.

You've tried other programs without success because of overwhelm or confusion.

You're willing to take small, bold steps to stretch yourself into taking charge of your anxiety and your life.

You're afraid of never stepping into the life you want to live because of anxiety's hold on your future.

You're totally excited to graduate, go to college, take a big trip, start a new job, or simply connect with old friends but terrified and unable to move forward because of the anxiety in your life.

You are aware that anxiety is making you angry, confused, exhausted, and sick.

You're ready to take the steps you need to take in order to experience significantly less anxiety and stop panic attacks before they start so you can get out of bed, out the door, and start living!

If you said YES to at least 5 of the above, it's time.

I'll see you in Break the Anxiety Habit.

See you Soon,


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